2023 season Dates

Co-ed tackle football

Fall Practices begin June/July 2023

Practices days and times TBD


co-ed fall flag football

Practice Days/Times TBD


South Delta Rams football is a volunteer-run organization. We rely solely on the efforts of parent volunteers to make sure children have a place to play football in South Delta. There are a variety of ways for you to be involved It is also a great way to meet new people. I kindly suggest reviewing the different tasks and determining how you can contribute to enhancing your children's football program. We require your assistance with the following essential activities, and most of them are quick and simple enough for your entire family to participate


Why do I need to submit a Volunteer cheque?

To ensure our operations run smoothly, we require each family with a child or children enrolled in South Delta Rams to submit a Volunteer cheque of $200 or complete 10 hours of volunteer assistance. Without the support of volunteers, unfortunately, games cannot be played


Volunteer Positions needed for each game


CONCESSION "Did you know that concessions at SD Rams games serve a dual purpose? They not only raise funds for the team but also provide a valuable service to visiting fans. As part of the home game requirements, each SD Rams team is responsible for providing two volunteers to help prepare and sell food at the concession stand. Willing volunteers will have the opportunity to make a positive impact at the game!


PLAY COUNTER The play counter is required to arrive 10 minutes before the game begins on the player's side of the field. You will be counting plays with a parent from the other team to ensure that each child gets a minimum of 10 plays. One person calls out the jersey numbers and one person records them.  The play counter then signs the play counter sheet.


FIELD PAINTING This is usually required Friday afternoon before Sunday home games. Each team will need to have 3 volunteers paint the field at least once during the season


STICKS/SETUP TAKE DOWN There is a requirement that each home team provides 3 volunteers to work the yard markers and chains for each home game. All Atom PeeWee and Junior Bantam teams must provide 3 volunteers for their home game. No experience is necessary an added bonus is you have the best seats in the house


STICKS:   Please be at the field 10 minutes before kick-off to have everything ready for the game. You will be holding the sticks that identify the down and ball positions.  The referee will direct you throughout the game.


SETUP/TAKE DOWN:  For the first game of the day, when you drop off your player for warm-up, please do field setup.  All the field markers and pads for the goalposts are in the back equipment room (by the pickleball court).


If you are the last game of the day, please move the field posts back, put benches away, banners in the equipment room, and game sticks and field markers in the back equipment room.


COMMISSIONER There needs to be 1 person per game to keep track of the home and visitor scores, the name and number of players on both teams that made the score, any major penalties along with #of the player.

The referee will call out these offenses and if you are unsure whether to record or not just ask the referee.  The Commissioner sits at the referee tent which is usually located between both team's benches at the 55-yard line You will need to get the commissioner sheets from the manager and hand them back to her after the game.

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