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We are thrilled  to let you know that we are able to move into Phase 3 for sports in BC. What does this mean for the kids?

  • We can now have practices with contact and the boys are able to wear gear. We will work on suiting up the kids in the next week.
  • The kids need to wear soother style mouth guards (available on
  • The kids need to wear long pants and long sleeves as well as gloves – they cannot have any exposed skin below the neck.
  • We will be playing games against the other teams in our league.
  • Playing games means that we now have to pay all of the membership fees – to that end we will be charging and additional $50.00 per player (this is the same as we charged for the 2019 season)

This is an important step in the development and safety of the players. We will be following all guidelines for safety set out by all of our governing bodies.


This is an exciting progression for the boys and we are very excited to be able to continue in their development.


Thank you for your support.

South Delta Rams Executive.

Great news to share! We have been approved by the BCPFA (British Columbia Provincial Football Association) and the City of Delta to start practice and training. We are not going to waste any time. We will have our first practice Tuesday August 11 at Dennison Park. Please note the concession will not be opened.

Practice Times:

- Flaggers U8 (under 8 years of age) & Atom 8 and 9 year old

  • 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm (please arrive by 5:00 pm for registration, payment of fees and orientation)

Peewee 10 and 11 year old & Junior Bantam 12 and 13 year old

  • 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm (please arrive by 6:30 pm for registration, payment of fees and orientation)

Players you need to bring:

  1. Cleats
  2. Mouthguard (we do not provide mouthguards)
  3. Gloves
  4. Water bottle (not for sharing)

Coaches please arrive 30 minutes before your practice time to collect your equipment bags.

Parents please arrive 30 minutes before your child’s practice time. You will be required to pay the fees at the registration desk. Unfortunately, you cannot stay to watch practice. You will pick up your child at the end of practice.

Fall Program

  • We have been approved to conduct practice at a Phase 2 level of Covid 19 restrictions. The
    training will be no contact, no helmets, no pads. We will focus on development, fundamentals,
    skills and fitness. The plan is for 12 weeks of twice weekly practices (Tuesday and Thursday) until
    the last week of October.
  • If we get approval by the BC Ministry of Health to graduate to the next level of restrictions, then
    we can consider full contact football with league games. We don’t know when that formal
    announcement will be made. We expect it by the end of August. The teams that choose league
    play, will incur additional fees.


  • The cost for the 12 week program is $150

As a club, we the RAMS have specific costs I want to share with you. For each player we have to pay the
following fees:

  • $15.00 to Football Canada
  • $23.00 to BCPFA (British Columbia Provincial Football Association) this includes player insurance and coaches training
  • $20.00 to BCCFA (British Columbia Community Football Association)
  • $11.00 to VMFL (Vancouver Mainland Football League)

Plus we have to pay the city of Delta for field rental, field lighting (later in the season), equipment, footballs, pads, helmets, tents, PPE including masks, gloves, sanitizing solution.

On behalf of the RAMS Executive we are excited to be back at Dennison and have the players playing
this great game.